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> This week’s top picks…

> This week’s top picks…


> Avo Surfer - Not prioritizing your health as much these days? No stress! Get 5-minute daily self-care tips on Avo Surfer's newsletter covering mental health, sleep, nutrition and more. It's completely free!

> Brilliant - Don’t worry—with Brilliant, you can master concepts in math, AI, neural networks, and more in just 15 minutes a day. Start your 30-day free trial today.

> Nick Gray - Anyone can learn the simple formula in my book. You’ll meet new people, get introduced to others, build your network in an authentic way, and maybe upgrade your life. 400+ reviews on Amazon & Audible.

> Sunsama - Sunsama helps you plan your days, pull in emails and meetings as tasks, and integrates with your other favorite apps. It'll nudge you to do less, but get more done.

> Wit & Wisdom - Hi, I’m Tom Greene. I'm the author (and podcaster) of Wit & Wisdom. Find unique perspectives on life, friendship and the relentless pursuit of happiness.

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