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> This week’s top picks…

> This week’s top picks…


> Nervous System Mastery - Five to Thrive is an email course that shares five evidence-backed practices that show you how to shift your state to cultivate calm and nervous system regulation. The course is available at zero-cost. Access the course.

> Sunsama - Sunsama helps you plan your days, pull in emails and meetings as tasks, and integrates with your other favorite apps. It'll nudge you to do less, but get more done.

> Frontera - Life-Changing Concepts newsletter makes you more successful in life with mental models and actionable ideas. Get a summary of 20 useful mental models when you join. It’s free.

> Brilliant - Don’t worry—with Brilliant, you can master concepts in math, AI, neural networks, and more in just 15 minutes a day. Start your 30-day free trial today.

> Clean Plates - If you're looking to eat healthier & live happier, sign up for the free Clean Plates newsletter. Get delicious recipes, shopping guides & expert advice straight in your inbox.

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