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  • The 5-step "military method" for falling asleep in minutes

The 5-step "military method" for falling asleep in minutes

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Art investing for all. What if you allocated 5% of your portfolio to Art?

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When incredibly rare and valuable assets come up for sale, it's typically the wealthiest people that end up taking home an amazing investment. But not always

One platform is taking on the billionaires at their own game, buying up and fractionalizing some of history’s most prized blue-chip artworks for its investors.

It's called Masterworks. Their nearly $1 billion collection includes works by greats like Banksy, Picasso, and Basquiat, all of which are collectively owned by everyday investors. When Masterworks sells a painting – like the 16 it's already sold – investors reap their portion of the profits.

Offerings can sell out in minutes, but Smartr Daily readers can skip the waitlist to join with this exclusive link.

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Past performance is not indicative of future returns, Investing involves risk. See disclosures masterworks.com/cd